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Stygian Articles

Back in the early 90's, I fancied myself a purveyor of weird fiction and thought, "Heck, why not publish my own magazine?" I enlisted the help of editors Natalie, Anne and Lisa to curate a strange quarterly filled with horror, science fiction, poetry, artwork and reviews. We kept up the pace for a few years before ultimately closing up shop, after what felt like a good run. Now, I've twisted the brand to be a home for my own short fiction, publishing new or unpublished pieces time-to-time.


Sheila Helsing: Demon-Huntress

As my final creative writing project at Michigan State University before graduating, I decided to tackle a novel. It took a year to complete and the end result was...less than perfect. But I learned a lot! Over the subsequent years, I edited and rewrote most of it, finally publishing this version which still isn't perfect but at least possesses a modicum of entertainment value.


Euphorbia Helioscopia

I've been telling stories most of my life, but it wasn't until my wife encouraged me to actually seek publication that I felt I'd become a writer. This collection of short stories and novellas spans decades of work, compiling previously published tales and newer works compiled only in this tome of dark fantasy.


He Fed, She Fed

My wife and I decided to try our hands at writing about our culinary passions. Over the course of many years, we traveled the world and wrote about adventures (and mishaps), including our own attempts to cook. This evolved from a simple blog to full-fledged feature articles in Grand Rapids Magazine. After having "been there, done that" for so long, we eventually put away our silverware to focus on other projects. But, our stories are still out there if you want to have a look.