BOOMstick Brew

I started brewing beer in 1999, experimenting with my Mr. Beer kit and seldom repeating the same recipe. Sometimes I added too much fruit and the keg went KABLOOIE! Sometimes I over-carbonated the bottles and they erupted like Old Faithful when opened. Most of the time, though, I made some pretty solid beer. Eventually, I tucked away Mr. Beer and began all-grain brewing. Sure, I had some anxiety about making this transition but it has been a great education. I'm constantly refining my methods and analyzing the data, striving to produce better and better beer. In 2015, I won a bronze medal in a homebrew competition. And, if you're wondering...yes, I am a HUGE fan of the EVIL DEAD franchise. I also enjoy most horror, science fiction, comic, and weird flicks/books so you'll see that interest reflected in the names and inspiration for many of my beers. Cheers!


Brew You

In 2013, beer was a pretty hot topic so I thought it would be fun to start a review show on YouTube. The premise was to crack open some brews that I'd never had before, and give an honest opinion on-camera. Think of unboxing videos, but for beer! I enlisted the help of Justin Leveque because his relative inexperience with certain styles would provide an occasional counterpoint to my point of view, and it allowed us to reconnect remotely. We had a good time exploring the many variations on craft beer (and sometimes mass market crap), but after more than 40 episodes I decided to put it on the backburner. For now. All the episodes are still up for folks to watch and enjoy, and some of these beers are even still in production...believe it or not!