In the summer of 2010, my wife and I were enjoying "Sunday, Fun Day" at a local watering hole when our server asked us if we'd ever heard of The Dogman Of Michigan. Intrigued, I immediately began researching and discussing further with my partner-in-crime, Justin Leveque. After a few nights of carousing, we had the germ of a story. Cut to a year later and I delivered a feature length script, shooting schedule and shot list, as well as some stick figure storyboards. We had friends who were more than willing to embarrass themselves on-camera, so we embarked upon making a movie.

DECIDUOUS: Blooper Reel

As with most film productions, things go wrong. But sometimes they go so wrong, it's just right. A sense of humor is indispensable to keep your sanity during the chaotic shooting schedule. I was lucky to have worked with some very funny people who could roll with the punches, even as I struggled with the pressure. This short blooper reel highlights some memorable outtakes, gaffes and goofing off we did on the set.


In 2000, I wrote a script based on the simple notion "Boy Meets Girl", version would be "Boy Meets Part Of Girl". A young man finds a woman's severed finger and falls in love with it, but experiences the usual ups and downs of a normal relationship. We submitted it to a local amateur filmmakers contest and LADY FINGER was selected as a finalist. Ultimately, it tied for 4th place. I made the rookie mistake of using copyrighted music so that version of the film will never be seen publicly. This version is silent (the dialogue was minimal anyway), but you'll get the drift.

Film Reviews

I watch movies. A lot of movies. Thankfully, there's a service called Letterboxd which allows me to keep a running diary of which movies I've seen, publish reviews, and keep a watchlist for those flicks I want to see at some point.